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Professional flight operations management assistance

Facilitate smoother flight operations with help from experts at Nanton Aviation Consulting. We work with airlines, training organisations and companies in the aviation sector across the globe. Contact us to discuss your needs.

What does our assistance cover?

From the start up of a business and through its complete life cycle Nanton Aviation Consulting can provide a comprehensive set of services to deliver an effective operation and high performing operation. Whether it be the need for expertise in. The introduction of new aircraft, expansion, recruitment of operational staff, organisational development, training for pilots and flight crew, leadership development or employee engagement Nanton Aviation Consulting is well placed to support organisations in the aviation industry. We can help you develop your business models and ensure that your organisation delivers to its true potential.

Professional Expertise delivered by Nanton Aviation Consulting:

Gain the skills you need to lead your organisation from the front with help from Nanton Aviation Consulting. Begin the process and get in touch with our team today. Our executive coaching sessions are for both individuals and senior leadership teams.

Technical Expertise

– Regulation management and oversight assistance;
– Organisational safety development;
– Introduction of new aircraft and AOC variations;
– Airline startups and AOC applications;
– Manual development;
– Writing and content of operational manuals;
– Training organisation expertise

Operational Management

– Pilot recruitment and retention
– Employee and employee representative engagement;
– Interim Post Holders for Flight Operations, Training and ATO designations;
– Cost and efficiency development;
– Leadership and Team development


– Type rating support for A320;
– Type Rating Instructor and Examiner support;
– Human Factors training and individual coaching.

Organisational Design

– Leadership and Team Coaching based on Marshall Goldsmith techniques
– Organisational cultural change projects

- Sam Patel, Vice President of Network Planning at GoAir

“It’s been a pleasure working with Richard; his expansive knowledge of the aviation industry proved invaluable at GoAir when we embarked on aggressive plans and expanded the airline by over 60% in just a few months. It was only through the co-ordination of the Operations teams and the Network teams that the growth of new flights was all accomplished seamlessly.”

- Cor Vrieswijk, CEO at GoAir

“Richard’s excellent reputation is well known in the airline industry and it was a great pleasure … working with him. From the day he joined, he showed his talents, a unique combination of being a first rate pilot and an accomplished leader. He effectively took on a huge amount of work whereby his knowledge, experience and drive proved truly valuable.”

- Sanjay Gupta, Chief Financial Officer at GoAir

“I had the great pleasure of working with Richard at GoAir. Richard is a very energetic person and thoroughly professional by attitude. He has an insatiable hunger and desire to take on challenging projects. Richard has exemplary skill sets. A cool head with in depth subject knowledge, eager. He is sort of an expert in his area of operation and shows brilliance in the way he handles difficult and complicated situations. […] Richard has great leadership skills working with and through his team”

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