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A leading aviation consultancy service

However your organisation might be involved in Flight Operations, Nanton Aviation Consulting can provide your operation with expertise to support its development. Whether you are an established Airline, a startup or an Apprioved Training Organisation, we are able to provide support for interim Post Holder nominations, operational efficiency expertise or support with safety, compliance or organisational development projects.

Based in the south of Englands we work worldwide. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

For a more efficient business

Nanton Aviation Consulting Ltd. aims to be our clients most trusted external advisor. In these uncertain times, it has become imperative for businesses to streamline both their operational and economic decisions. We offer a variety of services ranging from support of the technical flight operational capability, its personnel training and organisational and personnel development. This is done based on years of sector expertise and with the sole goal of reducing stress on the individuals and businesses.

About Richard Nanton

Leadership and decision making have been part of my working life for a number of years. This experience has allowed me to not only develop skills that have helped me to manage and develop Flight Operations departments across the globe but also to develop skills that can be used across all industries. The development of these skills, along with rigorous training has ensured that I can help solve high technical challenges in a specialist area such as Flight Operations or help with the development of organisational design and shaping the future of organisations in any industry. My extensive insight across the globe leaves me well placed to share my understanding in these areas with Leaders and Senior Executives in the corporate world or help support the development of the next generation of executives through coaching and mentoring.

I have held positions in senior managerial roles for companies spanning the UK, Middle East and India. In my managerial roles, I have managed teams of up to 200 office-based staff and 2500 remote professional airline pilots. Being headhunted from organisations into senior positions on several occasions, I have developed working relationships quickly to ensure I can effectively lead people from over 120 different countries and cultures. As a result of this, I have developed ways of working that build trust and produce effective short and long-term plans. This has helped ensure the development and success of both the individuals and the companies I have worked with.

My work has seen me train pilots both to fly and to instruct. This, coupled with the development of management teams, has seen me develop understanding of human factor elects in both line operations and team cohesion. Working together with individuals has been to this understanding of people in the safety-critical, highly regulated industry like aviation.

My coaching experience also allows me to assist organisations and help them when it comes to the development of team effectiveness. I have consequently been brought in to large organisations to coach Flight Operations’ teams, focusing on achieving a high performing team that is economically streamlined to the business as well as fulfilling to the individuals within it.

I maintains my currency in the aviation industry by continuing to be operational. This operational experience can enhance operational efficiency by utilising Marshall Goldsmith coaching techniques for both leaders and teams. By using Human Synergistics methods I aid with the development of organisations as a whole.

I hold a post-graduate diploma in Air Transport Management, am a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and of the Institute of Leadership. All leading to my greatest satisfaction which is to see others excel and turning organisations into high performing sustainable businesses.

- Sam Patel, Vice President of Network Planning at GoAir

“It’s been a pleasure working with Richard; his expansive knowledge of the aviation industry proved invaluable at GoAir when we embarked on aggressive plans and expanded the airline by over 60% in just a few months. It was only through the co-ordination of the Operations teams and the Network teams that the growth of new flights was all accomplished seamlessly.”

- Cor Vrieswijk, CEO at GoAir

“Richard’s excellent reputation is well known in the airline industry and it was a great pleasure … working with him. From the day he joined, he showed his talents, a unique combination of being a first rate pilot and an accomplished leader. He effectively took on a huge amount of work whereby his knowledge, experience and drive proved truly valuable.”

- Sanjay Gupta, Chief Financial Officer at GoAir

“I had the great pleasure of working with Richard at GoAir. Richard is a very energetic person and thoroughly professional by attitude. He has an insatiable hunger and desire to take on challenging projects. Richard has exemplary skill sets. A cool head with in depth subject knowledge, eager. He is sort of an expert in his area of operation and shows brilliance in the way he handles difficult and complicated situations. […] Richard has great leadership skills working with and through his team”

If you'd like to know what Richard and Nanton Aviation Consulting can do for your own business, call